The Place at Harvestree

“I lived at Harvestree for a few years and loved it here. We had one of those units that looks like a little house with a gardening area out front. It had a nice layout and a closet for a full size washer and dryer. I remember we did have an ant problem with them coming across the patio and into the kitchen (and the mowers would always get stuff all over that patio) so we never really went out there ever. That wasn’t enough to make us not love living there though. The area felt safe, kids would play around outside, just a nice feeling modest little place. No work orders ever, something I really took for granted then.

I had looked into maybe moving back at one point, but they put in some wood flooring and prices shot up hundreds to Shops at Legacy / Addison Circle pricing (which it definitely is not). So I give Harvestree 5 stars for the apartment, value and customer service I had back then. The woman in the office named Roseanna was memorably wonderful to us”

~ Resident – Matthew G 2021
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